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Our Story

In 2015, there was something essential missing in Finland. Around 250 Outlet Villages could be found in Europe, including in other Nordic countries. This was noticed by Ådne Søndrål. Søndrål is an experienced expert in the outlet business, known for his multiple Olympic and World Championship victories in speed skating. With the attitude of a competitive athlete, he set out to investigate what opportunities there might be for outlet operations in Finland. After an in-depth market research, he came to a conclusion: An Outlet village must be built in the capital region. In addition to Søndrål, this vision was piloted by a group of Norwegian outlet business professionals and investors, aiming at finding commercial destinations that they could commit to and personally influence through their own expertise.

The construction of Helsinki Outlet involved several challenges. Finding suitable local partners in Finland and the late construction challenges slowed down the journey. Since the Outlet Village was one of the first ones of its kind in Finland, it was important to get a strong local team involved, to get the wheels turning. Fortunately, local experts were found. All Helsinki Outlet team members were united by the passion to create new, high-quality brand store operations. 6 months later, Helsinki Outlet was able to open its doors for the first time on November 1, 2019. Helsinki Outlet is not an average shopping center. The brand stores at Helsinki Outlet are carefully selected. Well-known international brands are included, while popular domestic top brands are strongly represented. Visitors come, because the Outlet Village offers a unique experience for everyone. The recipe for success of an outlet village are global and quite simple: action and activities, foo

Our Story

Our village is always open for people who enjoy the best brand stores, treasure hunting, unique atmosphere, and value driven encounters. As a community of open-minded and responsible doers and dreamers, we invite new ideas, feedback, and inspiration that the world and its diverse people offer. We offer an inviting and coequal environment for all to be themselves. We believe that actions speak louder than words. We act responsibly and expect that from others. We are always looking forward to doing better for the community, society, and environment. We are a destination that is always reliable and there for you, accessible and inviting. This attitude drives us and invites the best partners and potential co-operators to build together the most inviting, sustainable, and unique shopping experience for our dear visitors. According to our values, responsibility toward nature and all living creatures is an essential part of our existence. Helsinki Outlet’s sustainability strategy has two key focus areas: best in class property management and happy people.We believe that doing things genuinely together, with an open mind and dialogue with all relevant stakeholders, is the key to success. It is always we before me.

Property Management
For Helsinki Outlet, energy efficiency is a natural part of our everyday doing and being. We have worked hard to optimize the use of energy, water, ventilation, heating, AC, lighting and yard heating, we follow the situation on a daily basis, and we react immediately, if and when needed. We expect all our brand partners to commit to a same level of energy efficiency to optimize the use of energy to the maximum. Our electricity is 100% from renewable energy and our partner in district heating has committed to the same goal by 2030 the latest, which we are following tightly. We are going for carbon footprint calculation and - reduction plan during 2023 with the objective of being carbon neutral or negative by 2030 the latest. With all our expansion plans sustainability is a key element is all planning, considering the possibilities of own energy production.

Waste Management
Waste Management

We are very proud that our waste management is 100% carbon free. We expect our partners to commit to the smart and considerate waste management by producing minimum amount of waste and ensuring it is recycled according to all guidance offered by Helsinki Outlet and the officials. The separate collection of textiles will start in the EU by 2025. Finland has an ambitious goal of starting the separate collection and recycling of textiles by 1.1.2023. We are following the development closely and will offer the collection of textile waste should there be any needs in Helsinki Outlet. With our online store, we only use recycled packaging materials and are very considerate of all parts in the process being as sustainable as possible, for example reusing all possible materials whenever it is possible.

Merchandise and Production
We are proud that our premium brand partners offer durable, high quality and sustainably manufactured products for our dear guests. This is very important as we always want to enable our guests make smart choices with their purchasing. We believe that Helsinki Outlet offers products another chance as many brands use the outlet as the last destination for the merchandise, for example use surplus materials for outlet products, that would not otherwise be used again, instead of throwing them away. We also offer textile reselling and donation boxes for our guests in the Village (EMMY, Recycling center). We welcome our guests and all partners into this journey with us to make clothing last as long as possible in use and be passed on from one generation to another.

Helsinki Outlet does not accept any unethical products or production methods and has the right to deny these products from the village and online at any time. In addition, we prefer that all brand store fixtures, materials and packaging are of sustainable materials, and we do our best to develop this important area together with our brand partners.

Happy People
Happy People

Helsinki Outlet is a human driven village and community, a good place to work and be at. We support inclusivity and diversity, where everyone can be themselves and be treated respectfully in all circumstances. We do not tolerate any kind of misbehavior and will intervene should anything come to our attention. We want to offer a safe environment for our employees, brand partners and customers. We will offer safety training on a regular basis and do our best to ensure that people feel as safe as possible. Every year during Holiday time, Helsinki Outlet donates selected products to low-income families in Helsinki. In addition we offer artists free spaces to present their art. Working for the community brings us joy.

The Team

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