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Parking arrangements at Helsinki Outlet

Parking arrangements at Helsinki Outlet


Parking at Helsinki Outlet has become chargeable on the 10th of August.  We want to ensure the safety of our customers and keep our car park tidy and available only to the customers of our outlet village. Parking is provided by our partner Aimo Park.

We offer all our customers one (1) hour of free parking and our registered Friends members will get one (1) additional hour for free - that is a total of two (2) hours of free parking time.


Download the Aimo Park app from the App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android. When registering with Aimo Park, remember to use the same email address as your Friends membership.

How to use taskuparkki

1. Find the Taskuparkki app in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and install it

2. Open the app and select Sign up, if you've never used Taskuparkki app before, or Sign in if you already have an account

3. Enter your contact details and press register

4. Add your payment card details and your car details and allow camera recognition

5. All done! Now you can drive directly to our car park, welcome!


parking fee: 1 hour free for all. After that 1,50€/hour. For registered Friends members, we offer an additional free hour – which means a total of two hours of complimentary parking time. 


1. You can pay for parking by using the Taskuparkki app with a valid payment card.

2. You can pay on the premises using the payment machine located at the entrance. Payment can only be made with a payment card.

3. You can pay for your parking within 48 hours of departure at:

4. If you have not paid for your parking in one of the three ways above, you will receive an invoice at your home address. In this case, an extra 5€ will be added to the parking fee.


For more information, please visit: Aimo Park Finland Oy, 

Aimo Park customer service: tel. +358 20 7812461

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is there a parking fee at Helsinki Outlet?

The safety of our guests and staff and the smooth running of things are especially important to us. Paid parking reduces unwanted parking, which has been a challenge at Helsinki Outlet for a long time. Through a fee and improved supervision, parking spaces will primarily be freed up for Helsinki Outlet guests, and other visitors will have a higher threshold for parking in our area.

Initially, we offer all our guests 2 hours of free parking, and even after this, the hourly charge is quite small, only 1.50 euros.  There will be no barriers in the area, which makes driving smooth.


How does Aimo Park Easy parking system work?

Aimo Park Easy is a barrier-free parking system based on automatic license plate camera recognition upon entering and exiting.

The system works in such a way that when you arrive through the entrance routes, your car's license plate is entered into the system and your parking begins. You can track your parking time through the Taskuparkki app or web application ( or check the parking time when you leave at a payment machine based on your registration number.

Before leaving the car park, please make sure that you have paid for your parking. Parking can be paid 1.) by entering the registration number at payment machines, 2.) With the Taskuparkki mobile app or 3.) Aimo Park's website and 4.) with a paper invoice. Please note, however, that sending a paper invoice is subject to an invoicing fee of 5 euros.

You can pay for parking within 48 hours of exit at


How do I park with Taskuparkki at Helsinki Outlet?

If there is no application:

1. Install the Taskuparkki app on your mobile device from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). After downloading, open the app and select Sign Up.

2. Activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to the email and then on the "Verified my email address" button in the application. Accept the terms of use and privacy policy.

3. Add a payment card to the account by pressing the "Add payment card" button. A new page will open, where you can add your payment card details. Fill in the information and click OK. The application guides you to use strong authentication in your online bank.

4. Press the "Add Car" button to add a vehicle. You can add your vehicle's license plate number with or without a hyphen. Complete the vehicle registration number, accept the camera identification, and press Save changes. You can start using the app immediately by driving inside a parking lot that supports camera detection.

5. When you leave the parking area, the camera will again recognize your license plate number and stop parking in the app. If you have accrued a parking fee for your parking, the app will automatically charge it from your card.


If the application is already in use:

1. Check that you have activated camera detection in the app

2. Drive into Helsinki Outlet parking area

3. Drive out – parking ends automatically and your payment card will be charged


I have a company / rental car – what to  do?

Rental and company cars work exactly the same way as privately owned cars. That is, parking pricing and benefits are the same. By adding the registration number of the company/rental car to the app, any parking fee will be automatically charged to the payment card you added. You can have more than one license plate number added to the application and have camera identification turned on. The user ID can only be used to start one parking at a time.


I have more than one car – what should I do?

If you have more than one car at your disposal, you can add them all under the username of the Taskuparkki application. Please note, however, that the user account can only be used to start one parking at a time. For this reason, in cases where several cars are used at the same time, we recommend creating a separate Taskuparkki user account for each user. In this case, everyone will be able to start their own parking in the app at the same time with different cars.


What do the parking cameras at the entrances and exits capture?

The cameras only capture your car's license plate.


How are the IDs for cars registered abroad working?

The system recognizes Finnish license plates. If you have foreign license plates in your car, it is best to always go through the parking ticket machine before exiting. Please note that in this case, the entry and exit times are entered at the payment machine.


I need a parking receipt afterwards – where can I get one?

You will receive a receipt from a parking ticket machine or via the Taskuparkki application directly to your email. If you did not save the receipt or have lost it, please contact Aimo Park customer service:


I ride a motorcycle – do I have to pay to park it?

Yes. Please contact Aimo Park's customer service via the button on the payment machine. Please note that when paying for parking, an entry and exit time is entered at the payment machine.


What if the camera does not recognize my license plate number when leaving?

If the system does not recognize your license plate number at all when you leave, we will investigate the fault as soon as possible and manually end the parking afterwards. Please contact Aimo Park customer service Please note that a license plate that is too dirty or covered with snow will prevent camera recognition from working properly.


What if the camera recognizes the license plate number incorrectly?

If you notice that parking with the license plate number is wrong, please contact the customer service at Please note that a dirty or snow-covered license plate prevents camera recognition from working properly.


How can I make sure I get the Friends benefit (one extra hour of free parking)?

All our customers can park one (1) hour free of charge and our registered Friends loyal customers will receive one (1) additional hour free of charge – i.e., a total of two (2) hours of free parking.

You should become a Friends customer right away and follow Helsinki Outlet's channels regularly.


What should I do in case of doubt/have further questions?

The parking area is operated by our partner Aimo Park, please contact them directly in all possible questions and unclear cases: