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espresso house

Espresso House

Passionate about coffee!

The story of Espresso House originated from the aspiration of two students, Charles and Elisabet Asker, to find a favorite place to spend time at. They opened a small café in Sweden, inspired by Italian coffee culture and a living room-like milieu. Since then, that small café has grown into the largest café chain in the Nordic countries, with almost 500 cafés in five different countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and, most recently, Germany.

Despite the growth, the values of the family business have remained at the core of our operations. We offer our own bakery products and the quality level of our coffee is very high. We take our coffee seriously and only the best quality is good enough for our guests.

Our coffee meets the Specialty Coffee quality rating, and only 5% of all coffee in the world meets this quality requirement. Our motto is: “The best coffee to be enjoyed for the best guests in the world”.