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calvin klein

Calvin Klein

CALVIN KLEIN is a global brand whose timeless clothes represent boldness and minimal aesthetics at their best. We aim to inspire and excite, using provocative imagery and striking patterns to stimulate the senses.

CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR is one of the world's leading underwear brands for men and women, known around the world for its provocative, pleasing to the touch products and marketing campaigns. The brand is constantly creating innovative designs, including sporty classics. The brand includes men's and women's underwear and nightwear.

CALVIN KLEIN JEANS With its roots in denim, CALVIN KLEIN JEANS is the more relaxed side of the CALVIN KLEIN brand. Jeans are famous for their unique details and innovative denim washes.

Calvin Klein manages to create clothes that are as timeless as ever and are needed now more than ever - in a normcore style! This top brand wants to offer its wearers trendy practicality in high quality and classically stylish clothes.