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  • 5 signs your sleeping position is wrong for you

    5 signs your sleeping position is wrong for you

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    Experience the Christmas atmosphere of the shopping village

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    Sparkle to your festival celebration

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    Father´s Day is just around the corner

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    Autumn inspires cooking

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    Add more atmosphere to your home and kitchen

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    The must-have accessories for a stylish fall

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    Essentials for every adventure

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  • All Your Family's Favourites: Shopping in the Village

    All Your Family's Favourites: Shopping in the Village

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  • Delicious moments with your friends at the shopping village

    Delicious moments with your friends at the shopping village

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  • Winter skin needs moisture and tender care

    Winter skin needs moisture and tender care

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  • Good mood from the home kitchen

    Good mood from the home kitchen

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    Home revamp

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  • Kick Your Training Up a Notch

    Kick Your Training Up a Notch

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  • Jeans are always in fashion


    Are you looking for timeless and basic jeans, or are you going with the latest trends? This autumn, jeans are all about the contrast as the jeans can be a striking part of an outfit. Quality jeans are the cornerstone of any wardrobe. Dark is perfect for the office, light and the many shades of blue for leisure, for all ages. Smart jeans for a more flexible everyday life? Modern jeans are technically more advanced than ever. Fabrics often use more stretch than before, but this doesn't affect the shape of the jeans in the same way as it did before. "Jeans, for example, stretch in the knees and thighs when in motion, but return to their shape, " says Tiger of Sweden. Jeans focus on quality and comfort, so you can wear them all year round. Modern denim is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The perfect model just for you For men, the most popular model at the moment is definitely the Slim Taper. They are designed to fit a wide range of body shapes. Athletes particularly like the fact that there is plenty of room on the thighs and the leg only narrows towards the calf. The model can be combined with many different tops. The trendiest jeans for women this autumn are either straight and relaxed or low and skinny. The so-called Mom Jeans are last season, with even the most classic styles favouring a mid-rise waist. "There are clearly two schools of thought when it comes to children's jeans. Children also know themselves what they're looking for. The narrow "slim" model with tightening waist and the more relaxed regular fit are equally popular, says store manager Ilona Kiviharju. In girls' styles, the ¾ cut and coloured jeans have also been a hit lately.   Quality jeans last for a long time with the right maintenance Even if the fabrics change, one thing doesn't. Washing jeans should be avoided, if possible. "Wash the jeans only when they have a clear stain, always with clothes of the same colour", stresses Jamina Pulliainen from Tiger of Sweden and continues, "be especially careful with black ones as they release colour the first few times you wash them". You can extend the washing interval by airing them, and some people even freeze their jeans. Modern denim fabrics have so much elastane in them that you can easily buy one that matches your size. When it's time to wash them, the jeans will return to their original shape and won't shrink. Time to update your jeans? Check out the products of our Denim Week campaign!

  • All products leave through our front door

    All products leave through our front door

    All products leave through our front door The Outlet village's big summer sale is now on fire. We are often asked where the Outlet Village's products come from and how the discounts are determined. The Outlet Village is the final stop for our products. The price is immediately reduced by at least 30%, and the percentage of it is increased whenever some inventory is still left. The summer sale is our prime time because from the start of the year and all the way to spring, there are some leftover batches of clothing and home products in the Outlet stores and our other quality brand stores, so we clear them out by selling them to customers at incredibly low prices. Therefore, the selection varies almost weekly, and we sell sizes based on what is available in stock. We have many customers who love to make discoveries: you never know what you'll come away with. Where do the outlet's products come from? The outlet products mainly come from the brand's concept stores or directly from the factory. "The design work for Balmuir is carried out in the Punavuori facility in Helsinki, while our main warehouse is in Oulu. We receive the Season Sale selection from the concept stores. Balmuir also has its own outlet selection, and we bring in special batches of b-quality products from the warehouse”, says Susanne, Balmuir's assistant store manager. The Björn Borg's store receives products, for example, from the Kampi and Forum mall stores, as well as directly from the brand in Sweden”. “Hugo Boss outlet products come mainly from the Stockmann store in Helsinki and directly from the German factory,” says assistant store manager Pauliina. Time-limited offers come according to the season The main selection in most of our stores is updated more extensively twice a year, as in concept stores. Smaller batches arrive even weekly. “Products move well when you have a strong brand.  None of our products leave the store through the back door, everything goes through the front door with customers", says Björn Borg outlet store manager, Kari. Sales are further promoted through store-specific, mall-specific, and brand-specific campaigns.  We increase discounts as a way to get products sold.  Balmuir is an eager participant of the village's discount campaigns, such as the Outlet Alarms starting next week, as well as various campaigns of a flash-sale style. The Outlet store has more space to keep inventory, and current products are beautifully displayed with amazing deals. All-round shopping The online store, which opened in the spring of 2022, also serves as an additional sales channel for our products; we aim for reaching a wider target group across Finland.  We also accept used branded clothing for second-hand sales through our partner Emmy. Welcome to the village!

  • Equipment tips for camping

    Equipment tips for camping

    Equipment tips for camping Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in nature or even going for a hike? With the right equipment in place, you can focus on enjoying nature, even as a first-timer. The hiking season is at its hottest now, using good equipment it will be cooler and more comfortable! In the village shops you will find tents, backpacks and camping catering equipment. Norrøna's ethically and sustainably produced outdoor gear, Haglöfs' hiking to mountaineering sportswear and footwear, and Luhta's and Peak Performance's much-loved products fit the Finnish landscape.   A night out in the backyard? If you want to try sleeping outdoors in urban conditions, the hammock is your choice. Halti's hammock already has a mosquito net. "In windy weather, you can also use the sleeping pad in a hammock. It helps to maintain a comfortable temperature while sleeping," advises Hanna Antikainen of Halti. It's worth bearing these things in mind when you're really going in for the action: Consider the thermal value and size of the sleeping bag. If a sleeping bag that is too big or too small, it will affect your thermoregulation. In summer, a cellular plastic under the sleeping bag is sufficient, but in spring and autumn you'll need a thicker sleeping pad - or even two! Hiking boots should be carefully fitted, taking into account both the sock and the swelling of the foot during the day. You may even need a shoe that's a size larger than your regular size. Halti shop offers two types of tents. The popular and familiar dome tent is easy to set up anywhere. What makes it particularly popular is its comfortable height compared to a tunnel tent. A tunnel tent, on the other hand, because of its lower profile in windy conditions, such as on fjelds. "The tunnel tent is very sturdy when it's well tightened. However, you should pay care to the ground to ensure that the wedges are firmly fixed. It's therefore not suitable for rocks," says Antikainen.   The Halti collection is divided into five different categories according to user needs: high quality and technical clothing, i.e. footwear and equipment for hiking; skiing products; the Multisport collection, which offers fit and lightweight, technical and above all multifunctional clothing; Halti Active Lifestyle, i.e. high quality and weatherproof clothing, shoes and equipment; and Baselayers; technical layering and underwear. Are you inspired? Visit us at the village to meet our experts and discover our outdoor products!