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Kari Traa

Trendy, top quality active wear

At Kari Traa, we inspire women everywhere to a happier, healthier and stronger lifestyle. When others say; “Only victory counts”  – Kari Traa says: “Every mile counts” When others say: “Work harder” – Kari Traa says “Laugh more” When others say: “Push yourself” – Kari Traa says: “Celebrate yourself”.

Today, Kari Traa is the fastest growing women sports brand in Europe, and our passion remains the same; to make great looking sportswear that lets you live life in full colour.  And of course- it’s all made FOR GIRLS, BY GIRLS.

But where did it all start from? In 2002, Kari Traa had just won an Olympic gold medal in Salt Lake City, cementing her position as a world class freestyle skier. She couldn’t find sportswear that was made with the female body in mind, so she started customizing her own gear by adding colour and uniqueness to make it match her playful and creative personality. The designs quickly became popular among her friends and fellow skiers, and she decided to turn the hobby into a business. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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