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Gugguu was born in 2012 as a solution to a problem that two sisters faced in their daily lives: finding durable and good looking clothes for their children. Both sisters had three kids, who frequently needed new clothes because their old ones were too worn out or the children grew out of them. Unable to find suitable clothing for their children, the sisters finally established their own brand of children’s fashion.

We produce simplistic, high quality and well manufactured children’s clothing. The collection includes sizes from 80-152cm. Some clothes in the collection also include baby sizes 62-74cm. We develop and widen our collection continuously, never compromising on quality.

The fabrics we use are high quality and made of ecological cotton, cotton, and blended cotton, perfect for stylish kids all around the world. Our materials are carefully selected and tested to the last detail to make sure they are safe for kids to use.

Everything from buttons to fabrics to the actual pieces of clothing is made in Europe. Ecological and ethical production is very important to us and we stand proudly by our values and our actions.